Thursday, September 28, 2006

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Well, we´re back in San Jose. I can´t say I´m exactly thankful to be here, since San Jose is a cess pit, but as sad as I am to be staring the last night of my vacation in the face (especially HERE), it will be really nice to get home. Not least because I really, really hate Bob Marley.

Cahuita proved to be the most relaxing stop on our trip. On Monday, we took a three hour snorkeling tour in the national park. It was more disconcerting than entertaining at the outset, because the guide spoke no english and spoke in such a rapid, heavily accented dialect that discerning any meaning was impossible. However, after I finally understood that the numerous jellyfish were not actually deadly, I had a great time. Except for that time I saw a really huge manta ray and started screaming ¨"OH GOD STEVE IRWIN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Which it obviously did not understand, given that I was underwater with a breathing tube in my mouth, and I do not speak much spanish. It slowly swam away, leaving me in the company of several confused fish and a large and menacing lobster.

Tuesday we spent all day at the beach in the national park, which is far less sinister than Playa Negra, and has monkeys. Around twilight, a few dozen of them invaded the trees around the beach, chattering and throwing fruit at us. We saw a baby monkey about six inches long. He was really cute. Deeper in the Jungle, we could hear the larger monkeys howling and barking. We walked for awhile, but we couldn´t find them.

Today we rode the shitty stupid bus back to San Jose, where we checked back into Hostel Pangea and walked around the central market downtown. It is now clear to me why San Jose is such a hellish dump. Everyone here is either insane or dismembered, and no one can speak in anything but a deafening roar. There are giant gaping holes in the street and the sidewalk, and most of the sewers are open; which in the rainy season about guarantees massive, pungent overflows.

We catch our flight to Atlanta tomorrow at about two pm, and then from Atlanta to Portland the next morning. It´ll be nice to see a bathtub and a washing machine again, and we´re both looking forward to spicy food, microbrews, and our pals. Vacations are great, but here´s to seeing most of y´all soon.

- E

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