Saturday, September 17, 2005

Zurich is NOT like Heidi. When we got off the train I became inexcusably teary because this whole town in made of the ingredients that go into flat and Boring, so it looks like Illinois, only with more cobblestones, and Saks Fifth avenue. Not a single mountain to speak of. A deplorable embarrassment to all places with hills. How I cursed this frightful slab of Damnation! But then we got to our Hotel and were greeted by an effeminate madman in a bathrobe. And everything was again hilarious. I'm not sure how it happens that we are consistently housed by the mentally disenfranchised, but I think it's linked to the same perverse power that insists that we be followed on all our travels by a screaming kid. I swear to God it's the same one! I implore everyone, on our return, to assist me in scrutinizing our pictures, because I guarantee we can find it and smother it if we all work together.
Rome was exhausting, (Fred!! Missed the Spanish steps! Spent years in the Palatine ruins making tasteless jokes about vomitoriums! Also blew off the Colosseum. Who the hell needs anything that damn big? Balls!) but we managed to do some pretty cool things, and take some pretty cool pictures.
We're taking it easy in Zurich today, and tomorrow we'll see the Dada museum and a Dali exhibit before we head to Munich and watch Dudes from the U.S. armed forces get drunk. Wooo Woooo WOOOOO! Boy, I can't wait for school to start.

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