Thursday, September 15, 2005

We're kicking it in Rome!! Cinque terra was wonderful from start to finish; we even wound up loving the Bed and Breakfast (sans breakfast) and all its lunatic inhabitants. Especially the million year old lady who lurched and crawled around the whole house sobbing and whimpering, clinging to chairs and stumbling over ants and shrinking constantly into a shriveled, threadbare purple sweater until she looked more every day like an ignobly vanquished prune. She told me every morning over coffee in Italian how she was dying. I understood only enough to relate to you that she certainly THINKS she is.
Rome is hectic so far - we seem to be taking the "See Europe in seven minutes" tour, so everything goes by in a flurry of activity and the ubiquitous, aggressive, brooding young men, who populate Rome to a disconcerting extent. They are EVERYWHERE, and only slightly less predatory than rabid cannibals with appetitive disorders. Last night we were violently seduced into a pub crawl (containing 56% rabid distempered sex fiends and 44% intoxicated underage American sorority ninnies.) Today we encountered disappointment at the Colosseum, wandered aimlessly, booked passage on a train to Zurich, and failed to buy a ticket to the tourist spots and so went shopping instead. Tomorrow We'll be up at 8 to catch the vaguely tempting (read: free) hotel breakfast, and then cram in as many statues, churches, ruins and museums as possible before our night train leaves. I miss everyone, and encourage response to these posts because it makes me feel less homesick (although, at the same time, homesick my ass. I'm totally in Rome. I just like to be reminded that you're all SUCKEEEEERS!!!) Praise the Lord, we may sell our passports and travel Europe in one o they Ford vans, preaching hellfire and salvation to the heathens. Love to all!

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