Saturday, September 10, 2005

We spent the day in scenic Rothenburg. It's much nicer than we first assumed - we apparently had the luck to accommodate ourselves in the official "Boring quarter." Last night we dropped off our bags and wandered around despairingly, then had a bitchin dinner at the hotel and retired to the room to drink a bottle of Feder Weisser and watch German television. I do not know why God has failed to bless us with German programming. It's the height of hilarity. We watched an infomercial type game show called "Schnipp Schnapp - Was is Das?" where a maniac was exhorting and pleading with people to spend .49 Euro to call and identify a partial picture and win 27,000 Euro. It was ultimately amazing because it was live, and we heard a drunk wrong number, two hang up calls, a crazy lady insisting that it was a Croccodile (Editor's note: this looked NOTHING like a crocodile), the crazy lady calling BACK to guess croccodile again in a thinly disguised accent, and a guy who had his TV turned up so loud that you couldn't hear a word he was saying because of the deafening reverberation. It was astounding.
Today it rained all day, but we took a walking tour of the city anyway, which included the Criminal museum, housing different types of medieval torture devices (you wouldn't BELIEVE what they do to drunks.); The scary-ass christmas museum (Wendy thought it was adorable, I thought it was deplorable, before this becomes a country song allow me to just say that Christmas never looked so menacing.); and the whole thing was topped off by a clock extolling the virtues of the long dead mayor who saved the city by drinking, in one gulp, 3 and 1/4 Litres of wine and thereby winning a bet with the conquering Catholic general. That's my kind of warfare. It's a shame we missed the festival reenactment in April.
Tonight we take the train to Stuttgart, where we meet an overnight connection to Milan. From Milan we'll go directly to Cinque Terra, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with a beach. Hopefully We can meet our friend Lila, who's staying in France.
Overall, we're all having the best of times, no one has been injured, assaulted, or depressed. So far, none of us want to murder our traveling companions in ingenious, untraceable ways. An unqualified success, not counting today's weather (abysmal.) and "charming, winding cobblestone streets" (tortuously, bruisingly quaint.). Any travel recommendations for Switzerland would be appreciated, because either my mom or google cannot spell our first suggestion.

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