Thursday, September 8, 2005

Schnapps will kick in your head

I have a lot to say and not much time to say it, so I will post an abridged version of events and fill in gaps later. Tuesday was mostly spent familiarizing ourselves with Munster - if I wanted to take a tour of old churches, this would be the place to be. Bobby and I went to a restaurant alone, found that they spoke no English, a mutant form of German, and a native restaurant dialect comprised of gesturing vehemently and spitting. We tried French, Spanish, Yiddish, Arabic and Italian in turn, and finally settled for the "grunt and point" approach. surprisingly effective.
Wednesday Eva took us to see a castle which is now a financial school. (Hey Kristi! Tell Jacob to defect and ask for political asylum in Germany. Oh, and stop cleaning our apartment!!) It was large. I was hoping against hope for one of those gloomy, intimidating gothic monstrosities, but it's been renovated enough that I think it now qualifies architecturally as "Best Victorian Lavatory Period." Who goes around knocking the arms off all those statues, anyway? Pictures were totally taken.
Wednesday night is traditionally "going out night" in Munster, which is a piss poor misnomer for an evening where everything is slightly more expensive and all the bars close at midnight. We wound up in this insanely tiny little bar run by a diminutive Czeck with a vaguely Hitlerian countenance. Imagine our shock when he discounted all our drinks, and then closed the bar and sat down with us and a bottle of schnapps. He was the coolest guy EVER. We then ineffectually stumbled to an outrageously loud and annoying night club that played awful top forty american music. When I went outside to get some air, a drunk German asked me where the bar was. I pointed behind me and he spat, in heavily accented english, "Shit fockin music" before reeling into the side of the building. I agreed. Today we had fun at H&M, and tomorrow morning we're taking the train to some anachronistic german town on the Swiss border called Rothenburg. (Dad! Dad! MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!!!!!) Saturday, on to somewhere in Switzerland, although I forgot to sell a Kidney. oops.
hope to find civilization enough to post again soon - between the boar meat and the self-styled world famous pancakes I doubt we'll have a chance in the next few days. I hope it won't offend the natives when I dress up like the Pope.

p.s. Vince - are you still in the states? If you are not, can we meet? Let me know!

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